Urban Free Verse: White Flowers Flirting

In this urban free verse poetry, “White Flowers Flirting.”

She hears his broken voice, weighted with the responsibilities of more than he can handle. It pains her heart, like stones, weighted, some heavier than others, she tries to soften the morning with tender words and caring.

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Urban Free Verse: Soul Searching

Image of Urban Free Verse: Soul Searching

An Urban Free Verse: Soul Searching

Going for a hike up top a hillside or through a forest. One could find answers in the trees. Leaves floating in the breeze sing of life, nature’s solace offers gifts. I find myself there quite often. I wait for the lyrics in the birds, song of the wind. It’s priceless. It doesn’t cost anything to soul search.

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Rictameter Verse: A Web-Spinning Vixen

Image of Rictameter Verse, "Spun Tremors."

In this Rictameter Verse, “Web-Spinning Vixen.”

Oh, the tapestry of life, the trap holes to fall. Getting around outer edges, to stand tall. Strength is the anchor that tethers mind, body, and soul. A rictameter verse poem and a digital art piece to thought provoking.

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Coiling Soul

This free verse poetry, “Coiling Soul” reminds me of nature and love.

Like a plant that coils to retract to a state being or not being. Like a fern that uncoils yearning for growth and the sun. We, as people react in the same way. Hurt so badly at times, coiling into our scars. We, hide, yet we should reach outward, seek help and communication in those that support us.

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A Watery Haiku


In this little “A Watery Haiku”.

One would hope that when you stand among the forest and hear the sound of rushing water, that a certain amount a peace might flow through to the soul. It would make one want to linger a little longer instead of rush to go home to reality. A digital art piece to accent.

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Poetry – A Soul Yielding Pink Roses

image of a soul yielding pink roses poetry

In this free verse poetry “A Soul Yielding Pink Roses”.
We can get lost in between all the struggles and pain of everyday life. That we lose the joy of just living. Scars can leave a deep impression shadowing over the light that lives within a beautiful soul. A digital art piece to also enhance the free verse poetry below! Happy Wednesday Gorgeous Peeps!

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Micro-Poetry: Sighs

​it was the break, between the darkness and the light of morning that I saw your soul rising within your sighs. It was beautiful inside. – Linda J. Wolff 

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