Micro-Poetry: Deep

Image of Micro-Poetry: Deep

A Micro-Poetry, “Deep.”

I always appreciate the depth of the one’s soul. And how we can either diminish (breaks into small pieces) or how we can exceed expectations, all is determined by the depth of our strength and passion we hold inside rib cages.

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Rictameter Verse: A Web-Spinning Vixen

Image of Rictameter Verse, "Spun Tremors."

In this Rictameter Verse, “Web-Spinning Vixen.”

Oh, the tapestry of life, the trap holes to fall. Getting around outer edges, to stand tall. Strength is the anchor that tethers mind, body, and soul. A rictameter verse poem and a digital art piece to thought provoking.

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Free Verse: Bitter-Cold Baths

Image of free verse poetry, "Bitter-cold Baths."

A free verse poetry, “Bitter-cold Baths.”

It’s amazing how life can be of extremes, on one hand, some have it simple. On the other extreme, such as myself growing up, life was one challenge after another. My parents took everything in stride and made the best of it.

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Free Verse: Alone Poetry Video

Image of Poetry Video Picture Call to Action

Trying my hand with another poetry video “Alone”.

We alone stand strong, grounded in belief, and upbringing! We show our colors to the world. Our voice is the song heard in the breeze. I hope you enjoy this poetry video “Alone”.

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Free Verse – I Stand Strong

Image of free verse poetry, "I Stand Strong".

A free verse poetry, “I Stand Strong”.

Clouds will yield rain, hail, thunderstorms beyond control. Sometimes an umbrella will repel raindrops. Then times, one must seek the shelter of a different kind, but still remain vigil. The soil of one’s mind can withstand many struggles, thoughts can grow beautiful images or dark shadows.

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Rictameter Verse – Soar High

Image of bald eagle & Rictameter Verse, "Soar High."

In this Rictameter Verse, “Soar High.”

One must find, dig deep inside one’s soul. An eagle is dying to fly with such strength so high if we can open our vessel and trust who we are. Weaknesses lie in the fallen feathers. 

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Poetry – Passenger Ride

Image of free verse poetry, "Passenger Ride."

In this free verse poetry, “Passenger Ride.”

Life can be a crazy, bumpy ride. But keeping everything in perspective definitely, smooths out the little bumps. A free verse and digital art piece to enlighten your day!

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Poetry – Be Strong Little Flower

Image of free verse poetry, "Be Strong Little Flower."

A free verse poetry, “Be Strong Little Flower.”

Each day we rise from our beds, we don’t know what to expect from it. It could be challenging, testing our patience on and on. It will be great if we take each challenge and turn it into something positive. A free verse and digital art piece to offer enlightenment.

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Quote – That Girl’s Heart


A quote “That Girl’s Heart.”

Sometimes we think we can fix people, but in turn, we are ones who can change from who we really are. Be careful that you don’t take it to much negativity, that your real identity gets lost. The quote below simplifies what I was trying to convey here.

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Poetry – Something To Be Said

Image of A piece of free verse poetry "Something To Be Said".

A piece of free verse poetry “Something To Be Said”.
It’s the knowing and belonging within. That comfort of feeling alone, holding this strength that just glows from the soul. It leaks from the eyes, the mouth, and the nose.

It’s the being comfortable with; The skin draped over muscle and bone. The love for the complex words. Moving them from brain to mouth. Using lips to offer the real self out.

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Poetry – A Beautiful Broken Flower

Image of In this free verse poetry "A Beautiful Broken Flower".

In this free verse poetry “A Beautiful Broken Flower”.

People can walk with scars, with heartaches, and hide it behind the smile, but you can see glistening in their eyes. Pride sometimes gets in the way of words needing to be spoken. A digital art piece to also enhance the image through words.

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Poetry – Warmth Erodes Dark Places

Image and A free verse poetry "Warmth Erodes Dark Places".

A free verse poetry “Warmth Erodes Dark Places”.

Sometimes, someone can tear at the strength of you, break you till you feel weak and defenseless. Find the FIRE that burns brightly within, lite it again. Burn down those bridges that deserve to fall, move in the path of the strength of who you truly are.

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