Acrostic Poem: Mornings

Image of In this Acrostic poem, "Mornings."

In this Acrostic poem, “Mornings.”

If you’re new in the learning of poetry, it can be quite challenging. There are so many forms one can use to write poetry. But if you love to write, it can become addicting too. Today, my challenge was to write an acrostic poem. My word is “Morning”. And to describe in a poetic manner.

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Daily Haiku: Whalesong

Image of Daily Haiku: Whalesong

In this “Daily Haiku – Whalesong.”

Nature in itself is to be valued above all. A gift is given, just as we are. To accentuate the beauty of life in intricate science. To the sounds and the echoes, we resound for generations. We must teach our children’s children this keepsake for all humanity.

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Challenge Prompt #1: To Fib or Not to Fib

Image of Join our challenge prompts

In this challenge prompt, “To Fib or Not to Fib!”
Join our 1st challenge prompt, “the fibonacci poetry challenge” where you can have the chance to be in my poetry eBook and win, win, win, a chance for one of my designer coffee mugs. Follow the instructions below…

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Welcome to Urban Poetry! Where Legends Live in Words.

image of old branches in lake give refuge for young birds

Welcome to Urban Poetry.
Where legends live in words in this digital art and poetry WordPress blog. Linda J. Wolff spins words into magical pieces, free verses, haiku, and much more.

As the author of Urban Poetry, she offers readers an extensive selection of urban haiku, free verse, Rictameter poetry for enjoyment and modern digital art copyright by author Linda J. Wolff.

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Poetry – Smiling Origami Swan

Image of free verse poetry, "Smiling Origami Swan".

In this free verse poetry, “Smiling Origami Swan”.
Life challenges can reduce us to nothing, people can be cruel. Struggles can be weighted rocks taking us to a dark blue. But life can also be viewed in perspective moments and we can accept the bitter pieces and turn them into beautiful blessings. Polish your life skills and take every life lesson and own it with a smile.

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Poetry: Lazy Saturday Blue

image of a lazy saturday blue

…A free verse poetry “Lazy Saturday Blue”.

I love Saturday mornings, quiet, no rushing to somewhere, coffee in hand and the sunshine stretching across skin and carpet. The warmth of hot liquid and yellow fingers. Couldn’t get any better than the type of start. Adding a digital art piece to mesmerize too.

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WordPress Meet-UP #2

image of people connecting through conversation

Welcome to our 2nd WordPress Meet-Up. I’m hoping to create a casual common ground; where we can meet and share connections, and maybe more. I will keep doing this from time to time, and these will offer an awesome opportunity for “bloggers who are quite active on WordPress” to connect. If you’re interested in “meeting […]

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Poetry: Rebirth…New Circles of Life.

image of rebirth of new life. butterfly

In this free verse poetry, one can absorb the idea…a new dawn rising. Of changes, of the mind, body, and soul. Thought processes can inhibit a darker place waiting for a light. A pink rose bud, looking for its first taste of yellow glow and warm.

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Quote: One Heart

A little quote that packs a punch. We are capable of loving hard, deep, and lightly.

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Poetry: Waterfall of Heartache

image of water and poetry

Heartache can create a waterfall effect. Don’t you agree?

In this free verse poetry, I try to display the emotions of heartache and how I felt a few times of my life and the profound affect it had on my heart and mind. It can be as painful as death, or more.

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Poetry: In Love…

image and poetry expressing love

…Love is like clothing, it shows through the eyes, right through to the soul. A free verse poetry and a digital art piece to personify the feeling of being in love with someone special.

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