Haiku: Old Souls & Young Birds

image of old branches in lake give refuge for young birds

…It’s the expertise of age, the longevity of learning, tidbits for the open heart of young. A little haiku and a digital art piece in blue. Let’s see how they unite me with you! old souls never die. Branches in deep, moving blue, refuge for young birds. ©Linda J. Wolff 2017 THINGS TO DO HERE: If […]

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Haiku: Visual Layers

image of plant and flower blossom up close

…So much color. So many layers…Found this picture of this unique flower. Reminded me of how we also how so many facets of our lives. I put my little creativity spin on it some cool artistic effects. Hope you enjoy the digital art piece and a triple haiku.

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Haiku: Hidden Gems

A forbidden place. Gives curiosity space. Adventures ahead. – Linda J. Wolff  … www.urbanpoetry2017.com

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