Poetry: Tomorrow Land

image of tomorrow land spine bridge

In this free verse poetry…I want to embrace the thought of how our struggles can become a dark abyss. How it swallows all the light that lives. How it can become heavy, weighted in the walls of the mind. But there are bridges or steps we can take to overpower the darkness and stand in the light of happiness. A digital art piece to enjoy.

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Poetry: My Home is the Blue Sky

image of poppies and blue sky

My home is the blue sky.

It could be the center of my universe, I have heard of other places be called the center of the universe. But most of all, I claim to be a humble soul.
Here as an observer, to view everything in color, of the day noises and nighttime noises too. To offer something to it, instead of taking something from it.

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Poetry: Waterfall of Heartache

image of water and poetry

Heartache can create a waterfall effect. Don’t you agree?

In this free verse poetry, I try to display the emotions of heartache and how I felt a few times of my life and the profound affect it had on my heart and mind. It can be as painful as death, or more.

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Poetry: In Love…

image and poetry expressing love

…Love is like clothing, it shows through the eyes, right through to the soul. A free verse poetry and a digital art piece to personify the feeling of being in love with someone special.

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Poetry: I Find a Temporary Place.

image of Koala find solace in the branches of time

…In this Rictameter verse, one can find a soothing, temporary place—each of us own it. We need to take time out for ourselves. A place, where we can find peace from the insanity of life. A calming place. Offering answers. Also, a serene digital art piece to accentuate the words written below.

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Poetry: Bitter-Sweet Storms

image of bitter sweet storm

…Moments come and go through life. Some so strong, they literally pull the lid off of life. Sometimes, one can feel so burden with heaviness. But we have this fire, this will power to fight all the odds. There is more good in store, and that is what we seek. A free verse poetry and digital art piece to calm the storms.

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Poetry: Time Capsule

image of flower buds

Time is too precious and sometimes we wish we could stop time itself. A free verse poetry and digital art piece to accentuate the moment.

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Micro-Poetry: Glazed Words

image of flowers reaching for a blue sky

…Using carelessness with words can leave hurt that won’t be erased from the heart and mind. Yes, we can forgive, but it will be remembered. You can’t take those words back, once they are spoken. A micro-poetry to remind us of how precious life and words are to listening ears.

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Poetry: Crossroads of Love

image of crossroads

…We face at times, the hardest struggle of letting go. We have high expectations of what love should be, and it is not surrendered. One comes to the crossroads of choices. I have come there twice in my lifetime, and I chose to love myself instead. A free verse poetry for my friend who is at those crossroads of love.

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Poetry: Find Me.

image of solitude of butterfly and clover blossom

…It’s the knowing of who you are, and where you’re going that speaks in the dark quiet corners of the universe. It’s a designated plan from birth. It takes time; to find yourself, but once you do. You will know you’re on the path to destiny. Sharing a Free verse poetry and digital art piece to further my thoughts to you!

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Poetry: Look Back Often

image of flowers and honey bee.

Helping others is the greatest gift you can give to humanity and yourself. But you can get lost in the lending of helping hands. No point in losing your identity for the sake of another. A Rictameter verse and digital art piece to create the effect.

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Poetry: I am.

image of a rose

…Being comfortable in your own skin is exhilarating, it shines from within the very core of who you are. A free verse poetry about accepting the person who you are. A digital art piece that’s easy on the eyes.

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