Welcome to Urban Poetry! Where Legends Live in Words.

image of old branches in lake give refuge for young birds

Welcome to Urban Poetry.
Where legends live in words in this digital art and poetry WordPress blog. Linda J. Wolff spins words into magical pieces, free verses, haiku, and much more.

As the author of Urban Poetry, she offers readers an extensive selection of urban haiku, free verse, Rictameter poetry for enjoyment and modern digital art copyright by author Linda J. Wolff.

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Poetry: A Farce of the Humorous

Image of flower bud and a farce of humorous

In this free verse poetry “A Farce of the Humorous”.

I wanted to describe the role of a comedian, some think of her as a farce or buffoon if weren’t to know of her role or her for comedy and love for her work. Maybe you can read this explanation through this piece of poetry. Adding a digital art piece to delight the eyes too. Happy Thursdays Beautiful People!

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Daily Haiku: Searching

Image of haiku one must never quit searching for life, love, and happiness.

In this daily haiku “Searching.”
One must never quit searching for life, love, and happiness. Even if it means taking every day to absorb, enjoy the hiccups, turn life over. The more you search, the happier you will find yourself.

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Poetry: Particles of Dreams

image of lover dream particles and poetry

In this free verse poetry “Particles of Dreams”. A man watches his beautiful lover resting on satin sheets dreaming…He envisions her dreams as he could actually see them. He wants to capture them. A digital art piece to exaggerate the feeling. I stand In shadows Eyes wide open. I don’t Want to miss them. (Particles. […]

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My eBooks

image of cover of Impressions of My Mind eBook

Grab My 1st Edition Poetry eBook: Do you love reading poetry, or quotes? Of course, you do, or you wouldn’t be here reading Urban Poetry 2017. My 1st Edition of my first 50 pieces of poetry I have written is now available in a downloadable poetry eBook “Impressions of My Mind”—Amazon for .99cts. http://amzn.to/1tGqkQL

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Daily Haiku: Thirst For More.

Image of Thirst for More Haiku

In this Daily Haiku “Thirst for More”.

The lover is asking his love to walk across life through all the struggles they face and to explore the facets of love in every day and more with him. A digital art piece for enjoyment as well. Hope you’re starting your Monday off in good fashion.

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Short Story: A Pillar of Humaneness

a short story and image of a pillar of humaneness

I try to emphasize about being observant. It is a lesson every day as a mother, I try to teach my 9 years OLD Bianca. Life is about seeing hearing the silent languages, feeling the pain without words through body language. Being compassionate to those silent noises, one can help humanity. “A Pillar of Humaneness” brings this lesson to light.

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Poetry: Rebirth…New Circles of Life.

image of rebirth of new life. butterfly

In this free verse poetry, one can absorb the idea…a new dawn rising. Of changes, of the mind, body, and soul. Thought processes can inhibit a darker place waiting for a light. A pink rose bud, looking for its first taste of yellow glow and warm.

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Poetry: a Murmuring Ghost.

image of a murmuring ghost

Do you ever feel like your a murmuring ghost?

You’re asleep, and then there it is noises. They become louder and louder to the point of waking up. A free verse poetry simulating the murmurings of the night or maybe dreams that wake the dead.

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50-Word Story: Beautifully and Broken

image of a beautifully broken rose from stem

…Around you, you walk beautifully and broken souls exposed under layers of skin, visibility is seen in the rain drops that fall. And in place lies seeds willing to grow love. The chaos, the unpredictable, the negative hard truths of life and yet you walk a sweet soul. A 50-word story and digital art piece for my gorgeous peeps!

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Poetry: I Seek.

image of white flower seeking

…You have choices. The choice of who can waltz through your mind, who can cast shadows, and who can leave footprints on the doorstep of your heart. A free verse poetry and digital art piece to enjoy. Have an awesome weekend my peeps!

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