Urban Daily Haiku: Hush

Image of Urban Daily Haiku - Hush

In this urban daily haiku, “Hush”

An illusion of a soul burying the pain deep within the wall of the flesh of the heart. Open eyes are unable to see the depth and the emotion that one can carry. Sometimes a  disguise under a smile. Depression lingers in the white flowers holding shadows, and the tears absorbed through the stem.

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Urban Ekphrastic Poem: Color-Blind

Image of Urban Ekphrastic Poem: Color Blind

In this urban ekphrastic poem, “Color Blind.”

Love is blind, kinda like this digital art here, I created a fence line that runs into nowhere land…A mirage of reds, burgundy, greens, blues all collide. Relationships can be that way too especially with the struggles and challenges of everyday life.

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Silent Voices Suspended in Artistic Web

Image of urban free verse poetry, "Silent Voices Suspended in Artistic Web

An urban free verse poetry, “Silent Voices Suspended in Artistic Web.”

Is history male or female? In some places it could be, it holds both, the old abandon places, still carry their voices, laughter, and love. The stories of the times, you and I will be a piece of something,

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Quote: Dying with Wolves

“When you ask why I left, my answer would be, I couldn’t die with you. Cause where would she be, a wee babe in a forest of wolves.” – Linda J. Wolff

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Free Verse – I Am Not a Poet

Image of free verse poetry "I Am Not a Poet".

A free verse poetry “I Am Not a Poet.”

Tantalizes the escape of words, sometimes filtered through emotion like an hour glass. I hope you enjoy this tidbit of a free verse and the digital art piece.

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A Watery Haiku


In this little “A Watery Haiku”.

One would hope that when you stand among the forest and hear the sound of rushing water, that a certain amount a peace might flow through to the soul. It would make one want to linger a little longer instead of rush to go home to reality. A digital art piece to accent.

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Poetry: These Noises. This Poetry.

Image of These Noises. This Poetry.

A free verse poetry “These Noises. This Poetry”.
Do you catch yourself running words through your mind, somehow you must jot them down to be heard, to be read, or written for another. To say what the heart wants to say but only in noises wanting to spill into ink on white. I get like that. To quiet the storm of words muddling my day.
Here’s my rendition of spilling these noises. This free verse poetry ink.

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Poetry: a Murmuring Ghost.

image of a murmuring ghost

Do you ever feel like your a murmuring ghost?

You’re asleep, and then there it is noises. They become louder and louder to the point of waking up. A free verse poetry simulating the murmurings of the night or maybe dreams that wake the dead.

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Quote: One Heart

A little quote that packs a punch. We are capable of loving hard, deep, and lightly.

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Micro-Poetry: Glazed Words

image of flowers reaching for a blue sky

…Using carelessness with words can leave hurt that won’t be erased from the heart and mind. Yes, we can forgive, but it will be remembered. You can’t take those words back, once they are spoken. A micro-poetry to remind us of how precious life and words are to listening ears.

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Poetry: Come Home to Me

image of birds flying home

…We carry so many burdens of weight in the mind and heart. If we don’t release them, we become buried with bitterness, pain, and hurt. Set them free, forgive, and move on. There’s too much life to live. A free verse poetry and digital art piece of life and love.

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